Encounter 4 - Hold up at Barnacle's Salvage Yard


Episode 3 – Removing Barnacles From The Boardwalk


9 x Salvage Crewmen (50xp/ea)
2 x Warforged Salvagers (250xp/ea)
2 x Salvage Lieutenants (200xp/ea)
1 x Trandethis “Barnacle” Waterdown, Salvage Crew Leader (550xp)

Experience Gained

1900 XP (380 XP/Player)


5 Players x 380xp/Player = Encounter Level 8.6

Quests Obtained


Quests Completed



The players found at a Marine Salvage Yard run by a surly Dwarf who went by the name “Barnacle”. After a not so warm reception, the players were able to learn a bit about the location of Fishkill, somewhere in the Moonshae Islands, to the South West of Waterdeep. When they tried to leave, “Barnacle” and his men ambushed the party, to their own detriment. A mistake they shall not be making again.


200gp, 2 Magic Items and the Rudder of Capt. Barnacle.

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Encounter 4 - Hold up at Barnacle's Salvage Yard

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