A bounty is an proffered XP reward available to players for completing a wiki related task.


Bounties are listed here for completing a new wiki page or adding content to an existing page as indicated by the bounty. Simply complete the described bounty and notify the GM and the entry will be reviewed. If accepted, the player who completes the wiki entry will be rewarded XP as per the bounty.

Bounty Rewards

Rewards are determined in a manner similar to completing a 4th Edition encounter. A bounty is assigned a level. The bounty level is the equivalent of a monster of the same level. The experience reward is the equivalent to the earned reward for defeating a monster of said level

Example: A level 5 bounty for an entry on the group known as “The Blackjaws” which should describe the history and origins of the group and names of famous members. The reward for completing this entry is 200xp.

The assigned level of the bounty will be commensurate with the party’s current level and the relative importance of the subject. The more important the subject, the higher the level and greater the reward.

Completing a Bounty

A bounty has been completed when it has been reviewed by the GM and then marked as completed. The criteria for completing a bounty are as follows:

  1. Entries must interesting and/or entertaining.
  2. Entries must be on topic.
  3. Entries should have stubs or links to other appropriate wiki articles.
  4. Entries should be of reasonable length. The higher level bounties should be more detailed.

Requesting a Bounty

If you create an article and think it should merit an XP reward, then you may contact the GM and request a bounty be placed on that entry.

Sharing a Bounty

If you complete a bounty with the aid of another player, then the XP reward will be split between all players who worked on the entry.

List of Bounties

Number Level XP Subject Status
1 14 1000 Bio on Rayniere McWands Open
2 7 300 An entry that discusses the hunting group which bought the recently acquired Feral Jackwagon from slavers and used him in a hunt. Closed
3 9 400 An entry that details the Prison of Waterdeep including location, notable prisoners, etc. Closed
4 9 400 An entry describing the details of the Grotmasjien Closed
5 9 400 An entry detailing the Agents of Shar. Some potential leads are provided for your inspiration. Closed
6 10 500 An entry describing the Brotherhood of Stevedores and Longshoremen Closed
7 10 500 An entry describing The Blackjaw Gang Closed
8 23 5100 Design a symbol or crest for Athola, and then the anti-symbol for use on the Battle Standard of Healing. Open

Current Total Rewarded XP

Total XP Available XP Claimed XP
8600xp(1720xp/ea) 5600xp(1120xp/ea) 3000xp(600xp/ea)

Alternate Experience Rewards For Wiki Edits

Players who make significant entries into the wiki can be rewarded with additional XP as appropriate. Because XP is shared, the date of the reward and the amount will be provided here.

Date Description Reward
September 2011 Various entries about NPCs and groups. 2500xp(500xp/ea)
October 2011 Paragon Path Roleplaying Bonus 3000xp(600xp/ea)


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