Rayniere McWands

A disgraced Lord of Waterdeep sent to the Prison of Shadow for his many arcane crimes


Lord Rayniere McWands of Waterdeep

A disgraced Lord of Waterdeep sent to the Prison of Waterdeep for his many arcane crimes.

Once held Tin Woodsfellow prisoner along with his friend Reggie. When Tin escaped he was able to present evidence against Lord McWands and with the help of Jules Amcathra and was able to convince the Council of Lords in a secret session to be imprisoned in an Arcane Lockup of unknown location.


  • He is an evil wizard or artificer of the noble House McWands
  • He used to wear Hedge Wizard Gloves to hide his Spellplagued right hand — a clawed, purplish tentacled monstrosity that has the ability to transmit the Spellplague
  • He created and experimented with a substance called Night’s Embrace aka “Enbrace”, a highly addictive and powerful drug abused by many magic users.
  • Tin discovered that Enbrace was created by the unnatural fusion of the Spellplague and tortured sacrificial brain fluids of living, sentient creatures

Rayniere McWands

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