Jules Amcathra

An important and influential member of House Amcathra and a dedicated arcane researcher


What can one say about such a Man? There are some who are borne to power, prestige and position and take it for granted, grow slovenly and amoral in their lofty laissez-faire attitudes. Power begets Power and it is there to be seized by those who have the Will for it. There is only a small percentage who somehow hold onto a sense of integrity and duty and yet, they seem to grow in their Power in spite of such failings… Jules Amcathra is such a Man. That is not to say that he doesn’t have his own dark dealings with the criminal underbelly of Waterdeep; oh ho, seeing how we’re all here on the account of one such lowly sewer-scum. Nor does it mean that he isn’t all noble in his intents to unravel the secrets of the Arcane; after all his high-and-oh-so-mighty Grotmasjien equally has its influence over the SHADOW weave as it does in the Weave for ritual and unritualistic manipulations. I am all but glad to diverge and divulge all of these juicy tidbits that I have gathered about such a Man. But he’s not the one on trial, is he? Not yet, anyway. — Testimony of Rayniere McWands on the Accountings of Jules Amcathra; Tidings of the Assembly of Council of Masked Lords, trial 83, section 5.345, 1544 D.R.

An important and influential member of House Amcathra of Waterdeep and a researcher dedicated to unlocking the mysteries of the Weave. His work has led him to discover an as yet unknown connection with forces attempting to manipulate the power of the Weave and affect the destinies of the players.

He was influential in the trial of Rayniere McWands and provided testimony before the Lords of Waterdeep in secret session.

Physical Description

Physically, he is unimposing in form with a thin but flabby frame. He wears colorful and borderline outrageously ostentatious robes precisely because he keenly knows that by flaunting his wealth as one of the ruling nobleman of House Amcathra, he is routinely underestimated by his enemies who mistakenly lump him into the same group as the other privileged, ambitious but utterly incompetent louts that he lives amongst, day in and day out.

History and Anecdotes

In some circles, Jules Amcathra can be considered old by human standards at the ripe age of 57. However, for those of the Arcane world, a mere 40 years of magical study could be spent on just one twig on the branch of the metaphysical, submerged subjects that dwell within the Weave. Yet Jules has seemed to excel at this subject with such remarkable ease that he has dazzled the Thayans and Netheril alike and invoked looks of envy of his magical peers of the Eladrin and the Devas. He has done all of this work without isolating himself in a literal Ivory tower as some are wont to do… or becoming so cracked that any hero would seek to throw him down for the safety of the Kingdoms. He has utilized all of his Waterdhavian resources to their utmost potential and has a vast string of connections within the city of Waterdeep that keep him attuned to the news of the Realms as well as the goods and services that he desires.

One of the defining moments of his life happened early on when he was playing with one of his cousins.
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Jules Amcathra

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