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“When the statue stands before you, be not fooled, for it is either a trap designed to ensnare you, or merely so emplaced so as to convince you it will ensnare you.” – Fifth Stanza, Codex Of Dungeoneering, Magnus Fragilehide, 1311 DR

It is The Year of the Undying March, 1545 DR, and it has been 150 years since the effects of the Spellplague abated and magic returned to Faerun. It is Kythorn, The Time of Flowers, and the summer solstice approaches.

But, all is not well. Rumors of a dark enemy stirring to the west have begun to spread. Troubled dreams, and stolen lives hint at the spread of dark times to come. Banding together against a nightmare in common, the brave adventurers have set out to unmask these terrors, and destroy them.


to the campaign page for The Unnamed Saga. Our campaign started in December of 2010 and takes places in the Forgotten Realms, 150 years after the events of the Spellplague.


the Adventure Log for stories of renown and daring written by our players. If you would like to read about our adventures from the beginning, you can start here at Episode 1 – Descent into the Chamber of Horror.


be sure to check out our Wiki to learn more about the individual sessions and encounters our heroes have had.

The Unnamed Saga

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