During play the players will come upon many opportunities to earn additional experience. The opportunities come in the form of quests. As players complete quests they learn important information about the world and the mystery surrounding their adventures.

Summary of Quest Experience

Earned/Available Reward
Total Available Experience 46,300xp
Total Earned Experience 35,300xp

List of Quests

Quest Reward Status
Quest 1 – What Happened In Fishkill? 5000xp Completed
Quest 2 – Why Do I Feel This Compulsion 250xp Completed
Quest 3 – Find the Chained Wizard 3500xp (2000gp) Completed
Quest 4 – Who or what is Athola 1000xp Completed
Quest 5 – Escape the Prison of Calavakos 1000xp Completed
Quest 6 – Dear Gods What Was That Thing 3500xp Open
Quest 7 – Back to the Past 5000xp Completed
Quest 8 – Who Are The Blackjaws 5000xp Open
Quest 9 – Revenge is Sweet 4550xp Completed
Quest 10 – Elminate the Hunting Pack 1500xp Completed
Quest 11 – Resupply or Die 2500xp Open
Quest 12 – Confront Athola 5000xp Completed
Quest 13 – Escape the Abyss 5000xp Completed
Quest 14 – Survive the Chamber of Horrors 5000xp Completed
Quest 15 – Rescue the Overdosing Citizens =8000.xp Completed
Quest 16 – Face the Iron and Rescue Tin xp Completed


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