Plot Threads

There are various ongoing plot threads that makeup the story of The Unnamed Saga. These major plot threads are summarized here. As the adventurers explore the world and uncover clues the various blank spots on the thread timeline are filled in.


Major Plot Threads
Minor Plot Threads

Major Plot Thread Summary

Major plot threads are organized by what information was discovered and how it relates in the overall campaign timeline

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Year Month Day The Party Calavakos Athola Agents of Shar
-646 DR - - - Begins his research project with the aim of aiding the Netril Empire in it’s war. - -
-600 DR - - - Defeated in battle by the combined forces of the Nethril Empire and the Eladrin after his failed attempt to control vital areas within the Feywild. Sentenced to eternal imprisonment in the Prison of Shadow.
A portal is to a mystical extra-planar prison is constructed at the Fortress of
Karsus Hope
- -
1385 DR Spellplague Begins
1395 DR Spellplague Ends
1545 DR Flamerule 20 Awaken in the Chamber of Horrors. Face certain death from a Demonic Column of Obsidian. - - -
1545 DR Flamerule 21 Awaken again from the nightmare within the chamber to find themselves amongst
the streets of Waterdeep. Ambushed by Shadow Assasins.
- - -
1545 DR Flamerule 21 Find their way to the Manor House of Lord Amcathra. There they perform a ritual
of clensing to cloak themselves from the Shadow Assasins.
- - -
1545 DR Flamerule 23 Seeking clues to the whereabouts of the people of Fishkill, they jounrey to the
docks in hope of answers. Eventually they confront Captain Barnacle. While
returning to the Manor House they are ambushed by Agents of Shar.
- - After tracking the party through the city they eventually catch up to and ambush
the party outside a Tavern.
1545 DR Flamerule 30 Research points towards obtaining information about demon magic from the Chained
Wizard, Calavakos. Joining with a circus caravan, they leave Waterdeep and
journey north along the Sword Coast, towards the ruins of the ancient fortress
of Karsus Hope.
- - -
1545 DR Eleint 13 Arrive in the mountains in the general vicintiy of the fortress after traveling
for several weeks along the roads and hard travel through the wilderness. After
coming upon a path, they are attacked by undead creatures controlled by an
apparently mad wizard. After defeating him at the ruins of a mountain
fortification, they track him to the ruins of Karsus Hope and find the now open
portal to the Prison of Calavakos. They pursue the wizard and enter the portal.
Senses the entry of new creatures through the rapidly weakening arcane barriers
imprisoning him. Begins monitoring their progress through the lower halls of the
- -
1547 DR Marpenoth 8 Athola launches his attack on Waterdeep. Amcathra uses his final option and
sacrifices himself to leave some sort of assistance for the party when/if they
1745 DR Nightal 7 Powerful storms great the party as they exit the rapidly disintigrating prison. They carry with them the
unconcious form of Lenagra, the Eladrin Warlock. The brave Varis is no where to be found and is feared lost.
1745 DR Nightal 8 After a night weathering the storm, the party begins to track the sounds of combat in the distance. They come upon
the escaped portal master. Exacting their revenge they then use the scroll Amcathra gave them to return to his
manor house. Their they discover far more time has past then they thought. The manor is in ruins, and after
performing a raise dead ritual, they awaken the long dead form of Jules Amcathra. A plan to return and defeat
Athola is formulated.

Major Plot Thread Entries

These entries reflect summaries of specific details regarding discovered locations, groups or events.

Blood Wars

Minor Plot Thread Summary

Date Fishkill Jules Amcathra Waterdeep
Present - - -

Minor Plot Thread Entries

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