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The Unnamed Saga is the story of a band of adventurers thrown together by a shared nightmare. The game is played using the Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition ruleset and the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. Play started in the winter of 2010, and all players began at level 7. For more information about Dungeons and Dragons, check out Wizards of the Coast.

Much of the play takes place in 1545 DR (Dale Reckoning), approximately 150 years after the end of the Spellplague. Life has returned to a semblance of normal for the many varied inhabitants of Faerun. There are, however, whispers of new dangers emanating from the area around the Moonshae Isles. These dangers have only just begun to impact the world…

Visitors to this wiki will find many links to the Forgotten Realms Wikia site which contains many useful bits of information about locations, characters and events. Many thanks are owed to the many fantastic contributors to that wiki.


Items of Interest Episodes Encounters Journal Entries Plot Threads
Quests Notable Creatures or NPCs Notable Locations Notable Groups Important Items
Characters Experience Summary

Items Of Interest

Codex of Dungeoneering
Adventure Log
Adventure Images
Various Letters and Documents

Experience Summary

Source Total Per Player
Starting 10,000xp
Encounters and Quests 71813xp
Bounties 1,720xp
Total 83,533xp

Current Player Level : 17 – Paragon Tier
XP to Next Level : 15,467xp

Journal Entries

Tin’s nightmare
Tin’s Travel up the Sword Coast with a Halfling Caravan
Tin’s Fevered Juxtaposition
Recoverd Amcathra Journal
Journal of Calavakos
Once Upon a Time

Plot Threads

Check out the plot thread section to learn about the various groups and their activities as the players uncover them.


Episodes (or Adventure Logs) are summarized here.


The adventurers have battled all manner of enemy on their quest to solve the mysteries besetting them. You can learn more by examining a list of the encounters they have faced by going here.


During play the players will come upon many opportunities to earn additional experience. The opportunities come in the form of quests. As players complete Quests they learn important information about the world and the mystery surrounding their adventures.

Notable Creatures or NPCs

Calavakos, The Chained Wizard
Shadow Assassin
Green Flame Entity
The “Shadow” (possible Mielikki Avatar)
Jules Amcathra

Notable Groups

The Disciples of Saernclaws
Agents of Shar
The Blackjaw Gang

Notable Locations

Chamber of Horrors
Prison of Calavakos
Amcathra Manor

Important Items

The Black Stone Obelisk
Journal of Calavakos
Necklace of Shadow Binding


Feral Jackwagon
Klemnon Melk
Tin Woodsfellow
Varis Silverblade
Lengara the Black

Supporting Characters

Baha Haab
Corstina Arunsun
Doroun Lhaezor
Franklin Moore
Irrelevant Human Pipsqueak
Rayniere McWands

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