A great machine, built by Lord Amcathra. Used to perform powerful rituals and as a tool for research into the Weave. It is most likely an Arcane Orrery, mapping the movements of various celestial and arcane bodies against various astral planes and dominions.


It is a towering spire of crystal lined with blue arcane runes of power and topped with an obsidian black crystal. The crystalline tower is composed of transparent gears and full of multicolored globes, spinning in mystical orbital patterns, covered with swirling runes that change colors and crackle with the alternating power of the Elements when activated. There are two channeling circles melded into the designs on the floor of the Amcathra library; one is a receiver and the other is a transmitter.

Orrery edited

Artists rendition based on a description in one of the lost journals of Tin Woodsfellow, circa 1545 DR, discovered by Jendarn Litholm, Scholar of Waterdeep, Amacathra Institute of Arcane Studies 1723 DR.


It relies on both physical (in the form of lifeforce) as well as arcane power. It requires both the slow turning of a crank on the side of the spire as well as the utmost concentration of an arcane master standing in one of the channeling circles.

History of Use

There have been only two documented times that this device has been utilized to its utmost power in manipulating the Weave and Shadow Weave itself.

The first : A binding ritual was cast upon a small collection of four coins and scattered throughout the world to unite a group of four fatelines that could save the Weave from a subtle threat of manipulations and destruction of the fine threads between the Weave and the Shadow Weave.

The second : Days later, an unseemly crew arrived at Amcathra’s front door: a crippled pastor of Pelor, a wary werebeast, a sallow-faced archer and a pint-sized hatchet-man. They came bearing the disturbing news that perhaps more than the Weave had been used in their beckoning and in fact; a series of Shadow Assassins had been doggedly haunting their steps towards the Amcathra library. A great battle ensued in which the Assassins showed up and the summoning spell was unsequestered from the questers’ bodies to block the tracer spell that had been attached as well.

Rumors and Myths

There are rumors of a third and fourth time the device has been activated.

It is uncertain, but there exists a timeline in which these four fatelines failed at their mission and the very Lifeforce of the Abeir-Toril was sucked forth like the yolk from an egg.

The third : as creatures from the Abyssal Planes overwhelmed the forces of Waterdeep, Jules Amcathra made desperate measures to blockade their total domination and sacrificed his life to create a mirror seal with a cryptic message that only his summoned could unlock. The hope was that they could return someday and undo that which had been made wrong.

“Kept in remembrance, cloaked in life to save life. For the ones who may return and by the gods set right what was. Speak true these words to save what was. By weave and shadow. By life and death. Release time’s long slumber.” – The engraved words upon the Mirror Cube

The fourth : the party returns, but it is two years too late. The world has been turned into a lifeless husk and ruin. Aberrant creatures of the Far Realm hungrily stalk the planes to eliminate any surviving pockets of resistance. Even the Gods are dead or gone. After releasing what little divinity he had left, the cleric is able to resurrect Jules. However, in order to return the world to its natural order, they must return back in time and that requires the utmost sacrifice of a powerful wizard. He must give his life … again. Its implications have not yet been uncovered.


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