Fishkill, an as yet unknown fishing village. Villagers from Fishkill were found trapped in the Chamber of Horrors, and appeared to die during that meeting.


Initially thought to be located somewhere in the Sword Coast mountains, most likely near a river or stream given the naming conventions of the locals. However, further investigation with the mapping guildsmaster Doroun Lhaezor and from unsavory folk at the docks in Waterdeep revealed that it was a small fishing village located on one of the islands of the Moonshae Archipelago, namely on Alaron Island.

Related Information

An encounter with some unsavory folk at the docks rewarded the adventurers with Barnacle’s rudder: “Rudder” – a private shipping log that certain ship captains keep to preserve secret sailing routes, friendly ports and contacts, and hard learned oceanic lore, containing a wealth of knowledge about the seas and ports of the hazard-filled Moonshae Islands. Should the party ever hire a boat to seek out the Village of Fishkill, the Rudder could be the difference between reaching their destination and any one of the thousand ways to die on the unforgiving sea.

Population: Unknown
Country: Unknown
Government: Unknown

Notable People

At least one farmer, one fisherman, and some unnumbered women and children. No one of Heroic status.


Quest – What Happened In Fishkill


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