Our heroes face all manner of danger in their quest to save themselves from the Unnamed horrors which beset them. Here we summarize all of the encounters that they have faced. The encounters are broken down by tier and episode.


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  2. Encounter Lists
    1. Heroic Tier
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    3. Epic Tier


Tier Num. of Encounters Total XP Earned Levels Gained Average Encounter Difficulty
Heroic 24 78914xp 4 9.86
Paragon - - - -
Epic - - - -

Encounter Lists

Heroic Tier
Encounter Episode XP Total XP Level
Encounter 1 – Descent Into The Chamber Of Horrors 1 1500xp (375xp/ea) 1500xp (375xp/ea)*(4 players) 8.5
Awakening into a long fall down a darkened shaft, the adventurers discover themselves to be trapped in a mysterious chamber with a large group of strangers. There they must discover their fate.
Encounter 2 – Lonely Fight In The Shadows Of Waterdeep 1 1300xp (325xp/ea) 2800xp (700xp/ea)*(4 players) 7.5
Awakened again to find themselves in various locations in the city of Waterdeep, the hero’s feel a strange compulsion drawing them deeper into the city. Do they follow?
Encounter 3 – The Ritual To Cloak From Shadow 2 4050xp (810xp/ea) 6850xp (1510xp/ea) 12.6
Discovering themselves at the Manor House of Lord Jules Amcathra, the adventurers must persevere against a tireless assault while Lord Amcathra attempts a ritual to guard them from shadow horrors.
Encounter 4 – Hold up at Barnacle’s Salvage Yard 3 1900xp(380xp/ea) 8750xp (1890xp/ea) 8.6
Seeking clues to the whereabouts of the people of Fishkill, the adventurers find themselves at a collection of wharves owned by the disreputable Captain Barnacle. Can they find the answers they need before the Captain and his friends say otherwise?
Encounter 5 – Ambush at the Rusty Lantern [[Episode 4 – The Road To Karsus’ Hope Is Paved With Bad Intentions 4]] 1250xp (250xp/ea) 10000xp (2140xp/ea) 6
Returning from Captain Barnacle’s wharves, the adventurers sense they are being followed. During the night they are ambushed outside the Rusty Lantern. Can they fend off these agents of Shar?
Encounter 6 – On the Forest Trail to Karsus’ Hope [[Episode 4 – The Road To Karsus’ Hope Is Paved With Bad Intentions 4]] 1200xp (240xp/ea) 11200xp (2380xp/ea) 5.8
Leaving the caravan that has provided them cover on their way into the mountains north of Waterdeep, the adventurers stumble upon a strange totems along a forest trail. What manner of threat stands before them and their quest to find the Prison of Calavakos
Encounter 7 – Storming the Pass of Karsus 5 1820xp (364xp/ea) 13020xp (2744xp/ea) 8.28
After defeating the skeletons along the forest path, the adventurers track them back to their master. There they discover the path to Karsus’s Hope blocked by a newly reinforced gate, patrolled by undead hordes. Will the adventurers find away through the pass?
Encounter 8 – Ambush At The Portal Exit 5 1714xp (343xp/ea) 14734xp (3087xp/ea) 7.84
Having tracked the mad wizard to the portal entrance to the Prison of Calavakos, the adventurers have thrown themselves through, only to find a pit of despair on the other side. Can they defeat the Ettin and escape the pit?
Encounter 9 – Chamber of Rats 6 1500xp (300xp/ea) 16234xp (3387xp/ea) 7
Having escaped the clutches of the Ettin and in dire need of rest, the adventurers head the advice of their new arcane ally and head north in search of shelter. What danger do these rooms hold?
Encounter 10 – The Library of Whispers 6 1800xp (360xp/ea) 18034xp (3747xp/ea) 8.2
Finding no shelter amongst the corpses of rats, the adventurers discover a library of forgotten secrets. But secrets aren’t the only thing here. Can they evade the danger of Dementa?
Encounter 11 – The Hermitage 7 2050xp (410xp/ea) 20084xp (4157xp/ea) 9.1
With no choice but to follow the escaping Eaters of Thought, the adventurers must brave the dangers of the Hermitage. There they learn more about the nature of the Prison and the danger they only now realize they face. Can they learn enough in time?
Encounter 12 – The Flooded Chamber 8 1750xp (350xp) 21834xp (4507xp/ea) 8
The addled aspect of Calavkos was no match, but perhaps the treacherous waters of the flooded chamber will present more of a challenge. Can they solve the riddle of the pipes?
Encounter 13 – Chamber of Doors 9 5450xp (1090xp/ea) 27284xp (5597xp/ea) 11.9*
After escaping the flooded chamber, the adventurers stumble upon a series of doors and chambers, guarded by a gang of Humans. The smell of a chained and frenzied animal fills the air. Will the adventurers succumb to it’s moon rage driven attacks?
Encounter 14 – Horror From The Far Realm 10 4500xp (900xp/ea) 31784xp (6497xp/ea) 10*
After having rested, the adventurers solve the riddle of the chapel barrier only to discover a hidden passage. At the end of the passage a chamber dedicated to a statue of the beautiful Vyrellis. But, is there something more to this room?
Encounter 15 – The Chamber of Light 11 7900xp (1580xp/ea) 39684xp (8077xp/ea) 13.4*
The dreaded Beholder nearly killed the band, but together they have survived. But, the newly discovered passage way leads them towards a confrontation with the Chained Wizard himself, Calavakos. Can the adventurers survive this broken foe in his Chamber of Light?
Encounter 16 – The Portal Chamber 11 6050xp (1210xp/ea) 45734xp (9287xp/ea) 13.05*
Their foe lies vanquished, but with his fall, the prison is collapsing. Only one exit remains for the adventurers, but will can they solve the puzzle in time?
Encounter 17 – The High Passes of Karsus 12 5100xp (1020xp/ea) 50834xp (10307xp/ea) 13.1
Storms great the adventurers upon their escape from the prison. The escaped Githyanki yet awaits. Can the adventurers track him down and find their way back to Waterdeep?
Encounter 18 – Defending the Ruins of Amcathra Manor 13 10500xp(2100xp/ea) 61334xp(12407xp/ea) 14.5
While Lord Amcathra prepares the way back home, the adventurers must defend the ruins of Amcathra Manor from the ravening Demonplague infested hordes hurtling towards them from across the wastes of Waterdeep.
Encounter 19 -Clubs in a Pub 13 800xp(160xp/ea) 62134xp(12567xp/ea) 3.4
Finding a ship to take you the Moonshea Isles isn’t so easy when everyone around you seems to think you are being shaken down by the rough an tumble members of the Blackjaw Gang.
Encounter 20 – Buckle Your Swashes 13 3730xp(746xp/ea) 65864xp(13313xp/ea) 12.46
Sure you can hire my ship, you just have to get it back from the cursed motherless bastards, the Blackjaw Gang.
Encounter 21 – Staying Out of Prison Ain’t Easy, And Neither Is Tracking Someone Through a City 14 3500xp(700xp/ea) 73364xp(14013xp/ea) 12
When the city watch walks in on your impromptu interrogation session, care needs to be taken you aren’t the one being interrogated. Meanwhile, tracking a masked man through the crowded streets of Waterdeep isn’t as easy as it sounds.
Encounter 22 – In the Warehouse of the Brotherhood of Stevedores and Longshoremen 14 4000xp(800xp/ea) 73364xp(14813xp/ea) 13
The members of the Blackjaw gang seem to have a “legitimate” front running down near the docks. Talking your way into the warehouse takes a back seat to sneaking and open confrontation.
Encounter 23 – Discretion Is The Better Part of Valor 15 4550ex(910xp/ea) 77914xp(15723xp/ea) 17.55
Hiding in the upper levels of the Chapterhouse, the party makes a bold and dangerous decision to charge into the chamber below to face Gartok and an unknown number of enemies. Disaster ensues.
Encounter 24 – Evading Malar’s Hunting Pack 15 1000xp(200xp/ea) 78914xp(15923xp/ea) 5
Having been sold by Gartok and his band to the Disciples of Saernclaws, the badly wounded and exhausted party must work to evade capture in the streets of Waterdeep and find a place to rest. Unfortunately for them, the Hunting Pack isn’t far behind.
Paragon Tier
Encounter Episode XP Total XP Level
Encounter 25 – Who hunts the hunters 16 4900xp(980xp/ea) 83814xp(16903xp/ea) 5
A night spent at Haverick’s Smoke Ring leads to self discovery. A fortuitous search of the Smoke Ring’s well appointed library leads to the discovery of a possible location for the monument to Malar. While searching out clues the party attempts to evade pursuit in the sewers beneath Waterdeep, only to find a hunter’s ambush.
Encounter 26 – Quarried by the Hounds 17 3200xp(640xp/ea) 87014xp(17543xp/ea) 5
Tracked to the Cartographers Guild Hall, the party must stand and fight the hunting hounds and their masters in the streets of Waterdeep.
Encounter 27 – At the Temple to Malar 17 7200xp(1440xp/ea) 94214xp(18983xp/ea) 5
Following their map to the “City of the Dead”, Waterdeep’s vast cemetery, the party finds the Temple of Malar and the Priestess of the Cult of Sarenclaws. As the monument sucks the life energy of the party, they must defeat the priestess and her worshipers.
Encounter 28 – A Journey Home Through the City of the Dead 18 3000xp(600xp/ea) 97214xp(19583xp/ea)
After a bloody battle against the forces of The Disciples of Saernclaws, the desperately needs a rest. The journey to Amcathra Manor is fraught with danger as they pass through the “City of the Dead” during the dead of night.
Encounter 29 – To Get the Ship to Sea 18 6400xp(1280xp/ea) 103614xp(20863xp/ea)
After a much needed reset, and having secured transportation with a Captain, the party must simply get the ship out of port. The The Blackjaw Gang of course won’t make that easy.
Encounter 30 – To Face the Wrath of Umbrelee 19 9800xp(1960xp/ea) 113414xp(22823xp/ea)
Having been at sea for many days, a great storm releases the more than just horrible wind and waves as Water Archon’s and their Elemental allies attack the New Caledonia and her crew.
Encounter 31 – Release the Kraken 19 6000xp(1200xp/ea) 119414xp(24023xp/ea)
What vile creatures of the unknown deep come forth to stand in the path of the New Caledonia and her crew. The smell of death precedes the assault of the many tentacled horror from the deep.
Encounter 32 – Climbing the Abyssal Shard Part 1 19/ 20 10275xp(2055xp/ea) 129689xp(26078xp/ea)
The arduous climb up the face of the black obsidian shard was perilous for more than it’s great height. As the party climbs they are beset upon by all manner of horrible creature from the depths of the Abyss.
Encounter 33 – Climbing the Abyssal Shard Part 2 21 4500xp(900xp/ea) 134198xp(26978xp/ea)
After having traversed two sides of the mighty stone shard, the adventurers were able to obtain a short rest in a cavernous passage after having collapsed the entrance of the tunnel to prevent pursuit.
Encounter 34 – No Jail Can Hold Us 22 6200xp(1240xp/ea) 140389xp(28218xp/ea)
Having made the ascent through the portal to the Abyss, the party infiltrates the fortress at the base of one of the five Iron Keeps surrounding the Blood Rift. While inside, they encounter a processing room, and meet the processors who run it.
Encounter 35 – A Dream of Revenge 22 9800xp(1960xp/ea) 150189xp(30178xp/ea)
Escaping their Demonic pursuers by entering the Chamber of Horrors, the party comes face to face with their great nightmare, only this time they are ready!
Encounter 36 – Avoiding Capture in the Infernal Machine 23 9200xp(1840xp/ea) 159389xp(32018xp/ea)
Having defeated the Tentacled Horror, the party is in desperate need of some rest, but the pursuing Demon Captain Sutoth has other plans!
Encounter 37 – Meeting Athola 24 17350xp(3470xp/ea) 176739xp(35488xp/ea)
Infiltrating the Iron Keep leads to a confrontation… with Athola in his massive ritual chamber at the top of the Keep!
Encounter 38 – What Is That Smell 24 9175xp(1835xp/ea) 185914xp(37323xp/ea)
Escaping through the hole burned through the iron walls while dodging molten iron, the party finds themselves in a courtyard filled with dead Demons!
Encounter 39 – Airborne Boarding Party 25 13600xp(2720xp/ea) 199514xp(40043xp/ea)
A flying demon warship threatens to bring a large boarding party of demons to attack the good ship “Oathsinger”!
Encounter 40 – A Little Shopping Trip 25 7000xp(1400xp/ea) 206514xp(41443xp/ea)
Having safely made there way to the City of Doors it’s time for some shopping. But what sort of enemies might find there way there?
Encounter 41 – Battle At The Brewery 26 15250xp(3050xp/ea) 221764xp(44493xp/ea)
Tracking the members of the Blackjaw Gang to one of Gartock’s hideouts. Infiltrating leads to a fight amongst the barrels!
Encounter 42 – Outbreak 27 13500xp(2700xp/ea) 235624xp(47193xp/ea)
After a suspicious accident at the brewery, an outbreak of overdosing citizens sweeps over the surrounding neighborhood. Saving the people outside the temple becomes the party’s newest priority!
Encounter 43 – Into the Basement 27 8000xp(1600xp/ea) 243264xp(48793xp/ea)
Hot on the trail of clues, the party makes it’s way into the McWand Manor house. There they hope to find the new old lab Gartok’s spirit told them about. But a deadly surprise awaits them!
Encounter 44 – In Temple Of Shar 28 13400xp(2680xp/ea) 256664xp(51473xp/ea)
After the attack in McWand’s basement, the adventurers use their skills to hold the portal open and allow them to follow. But on the other side, a dark surprise awaits as they find themselves in a temple dedicated to Shar and strangers are not welcome!
Encounter 45 – Facing Vanrak Moonstar 28 7200xp(1440xp/ea) 263864xp(52913xp/ea)
Having barely survived the initial onslaught of enemies thrown at them by the Church of Shar, the adventurers rest while the Death Knight Vanrak pounds on the doors in an effort to reach them. To survive they must face Shar’s champion!
Encounter 46 – Ambush on the Streets Of Waterdeep 29 4500xp(900xp/ea) 268364xp(53813xp/ea)
Defeating the Death Knight Vanrak left the party tired and badly injured. Having fled back to Waterdeep, the party made their way to safety and a well earned rest. But the forces of the Blackjaws had other plans!
Epic Tier


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