Chamber of Horrors

It was the first of many nightmares to come, since my arcane imprisonment. I found myself amongst many, tumbling down a dark well like a piece of garbage as ominous chill cerulean flames shot out above and blocked the exit. The stone was smooth and perfectly cut so no thieves’ tools could find an edge to grasp. I was surrounded by disoriented and terrified men, women and children who all stank of fear, feces and urine. Blue runes pulsed and fed upon the anguish and fear of these villagers of Fishkill. Talk was cheap but we had no other currency.

In due time, the walls of the chamber began to grind in a horrible mechanical fashion, compressing us and we inexorably slid against the gruesomely bloodied far wall of the chamber. Suddenly, the whole wall slipped and gave way, dumping us all into a huge, circular room. More blue runes lined this room’s edges, and dissected the floor walls and ceiling like the spokes of a wagon wheel. In the center of the room rest a huge obelisk, covered with arcane runes, made up of a perfectly black and flawless obsidian stone, and topped with a huge glowing gem.

We would come to call this the Chamber of Horrors; there is no other nomenclature more befitting to describe its intent.

The dark obelisk sunk into the floor at the unwitting behest of one whom I would soon come to know as an arrow-loving comrade-in-arms. A blinding flash of cerulean light revealed a towering tentacled horror, perhaps 15 or 20 feet high. It was all eyes, mouths and tentacles. It could see, grab and eat at its leisure and we were naught but cattle for the wholesale slaughter. It crushed the life out of hapless villagers and heroes alike and we found ourselves despairing at the thought of even an uncomfortable afterlife when we awoke in a cold sweat, driven by fear and found ourselves compelled to seek each other out to avert this event so it may never come to pass.
— Excerpt from one of the lost journals of Tin Woodsfellow, circa 1545 DR, discovered by Jendarn Litholm, Scholar of Waterdeep, Amacathra Institute of Arcane Studies 1723 DR.


The Chamber is made up of what appear to be three separate rooms. To rooms approximately 40’ long by 20’ wide with 5′×10′ blue flame portal ringed by blue runes. The primary chamber is a large circular chamber, approximately 80’ in diameter and 30’ tall. The walls ceiling and floors are sectioned symmetrically with blue runes. A large black stone obelisk dominates the center of the room.

Creatures Encountered

A tentacled horror, the nature of which is currently unknown.

  • This creature has construct, undead and aberrant qualities.
  • This creature has acid spittle.
  • It has necrotic, immobilizing tentacles which can reach all sections of the chamber except for the outermost boundary (which is ringed by necrotic and psychic blue runes.)
  • It is anchored in the chamber and has multiple eyes, so it cannot be knocked down or flanked.
  • It has no apparent weaknesses, although it derives strength from fear and the converse may be its downfall.


  • Trouble all started with a haunting shared nightmare in which four crossed fatelines found themselves amidst the victims of Fishkill.
  • It is rumored that this creature may have been powered by the fear and death of its victims as well the chamber itself, a key instigating and initiating Athola’s reign of domination and terror throughout the lands.
  • There are slices of sections of each chamber that randomly sparkled with necrotic energies as well as the arcing runes of power.


  • Necrotic/Psychic/Acid Resistance
  • Turn Undead?
  • Potions of Heroism, blessings of bravery
  • Fortifying the Villagers of Fishkill
  • Disabling the Runes through Arcana or Thievery checks

Chamber of Horrors

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