“I had been walking for some time through the streets and alleys of Waterdeep for several hours. The strange compulsion drove me forward as if I were possessed. The hostile needle -ike pains in my mind were kept at bay only when I continued to move towards my unknown destination.

It was in the alleys around the market district that I was ambushed for the first time by the creatures I would later come to call Shadow Assasins. It was the first of many such attacks to come during those dark days. This first one surprised me with its sudden appearance from among the shadows in the alley. But not matter its agility, it was no match for me one on one.

As the final blow from my axe landed, the foul creature cursed me, growling to me ‘You shall learn to respect Athola!’. What it learned that day was to respect the steel of my axe!" – Excerpt from one of the lost journals of Tin Woodsfellow, circa 1545 DR, discovered by Jendarn Litholm, Scholar of Waterdeep, Amacathra Institute of Arcane Studies 1723 DR.


Little is known of Athola, and less is known of his/her/it’s appearance. No description of the entity is known to exist. Athola may have (or will in the future) a symbol used by those that worship the creature- a symbol that depicts three thick, ragged red slashes diagonally cutting across a jet black field.


Rumored to be a Baatezu demon of immense power, capable of summoning large armies of the Nine Hells under its control by Far Realm influence… but only if certain events come to pass.




Rumored to be the domination and wholesale destruction of the Planes by leeching the life-force, magic and divinity from everything and enslaving the remainders under Far Realm aberrations.


  • Trouble all started with a dream of a Chamber of Horrors and the subsequent call of the Coins to Jules Amcathra while being targeted by Shadow Assassins.
  • The first time the party heard the name, it spoken by a dying Shadow Assasin to Feral Jackwagon, “You serve the Shadow.”
  • After being freed from the influence of the strange Green Flame Entity, the dying Calavakos indicated that the name Athola might be a name in Infernal, the language of Baatezu which would make this the name of a devil, and most likely one of great power.
  • After being raised from the dead, two years since their entrance into the dungeon of Calavakos, Jules Amcathra spoke of extra-dimensional attacks on the world: great danger in the West, then the South, then all over the planes. Great shimmering portals would open without warning, and horrible creatures from the Far Realm would emerge to abduct people. Whole towns and cities began to fall, or more specifically become depopulated, sometimes in a matter of days or hours. The weather changed as life and magic began being drained wholesale from the plane. Amcathra and others tried to organize a defense to fight the hordes from the far realms, but the tide became a flood they could not stay. Athola lead the attack, with armies of demons possessed by Far Realm creatures. His power source seemed to be life itself, Athola somehow used the power of life on our plane to fuel his horrid armies. Amcathra knew that Athola‚Äôs power was somehow connected to to the adventurers and that perhaps they could find or be a way to fight it, but they didn’t return in time.
  • In the distant potential future, the party fought a nearly overpowering Cleric Of Athola, a deformed life-draining withered former-humanoid. The cleric was identifiable by his holy symbol of Athola which depicts three thick, ragged red slashes diagonally cutting across a jet black field.
  • It is currently felt that if the party were to successfully travel back in time to the moment they left, track down the village of Fishkill to the Southwest and avert the terrors that occurred in the Chamber of Horrors, then perhaps none on this will come to pass.


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