Feral's Ancestral Weapon

weapon (melee)

The decapitated head of a huge horned stag, wielded like a stabbing and slashing weapon by the half-lycanthrope, Feral Jackwagon.


One of the highest honors of the wild tribe in which Feral Jackwagon was raised was for parts of a deceased tribemate to be taken into battle by the living, like a lock of hair in a pendant, or a necklace made of finger bones. In this way, the honored past was always in mind and with the living brave.

Feral has wielded his ancestral weapon, the head of a huge, sharp-horned stag, since becoming a hunter for his tribe. He has trained with it relentlessly, and behind the ferocious recklessness with which it seems to be swung is a honed expertise rival to the most experienced swordsman. As a tribute to his great, great aunt, the were-stag founder of the Jackwagon tribe, Feral proudly wields the preserved stag head weapon with devastating proficiency.

Feral had extended a version of this high expression of respect and appreciation to the trapped spirit of Vyrellis, fixing the obsidian orb in which her spirit was trapped into the empty eye-socket of his decapitated stag head. Vyrellis accepted the offer and as an honorary fallen member of Feral’s tribe had an unique, front-row (and perhaps at times, terrifying) vantage point from which to observe the band’s adventures and battles. After Vyrellis’ spirit was drawn out of the orb during Athola’s attempt to siphon and destroy the souls of the adventurers, Feral gave the now empty obsidian orb to Lengara.

The ancestral weapon’s only innate magical property is to be able to temporarily assimilate the properties of a single, non-artifact melee weapon in a process referred to as tuning. When a weapon is balanced in the stag head’s antlers for eight hours, the weapon vanishes and the ancestral weapon gains the weapon’s attributes. Only one weapon at a time can be attuned with the ancestral weapon, and if a tuned weapon is displaced by a subsequent weapon it will immediately reappears in the stag’s antlers. If Feral’s ancestral weapon leaves the possession of a member of Feral’s tribe for more than eight hours, the tuning decays and any weapon that it is attuned to reappears balanced in the stag’s antlers.

Feral's Ancestral Weapon

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