Deathcut Hide Armor +2


Deathcut Hide Armor +2 (a level 10 item)
Item Slot: Armor
Property: Resist 5 poison and necrotic
Daily Power: Immediate Reaction, after hit by a melee attack, do 1d10 + Chr Mod necrotic damage to attacker.


Although many a warrior has appreciated the protection afforded by Deathcut Armor, few know the terrible process through which such hide armor is made.

Assembled from the hides of creatures slain by necrotic magic, the armor is prized for the uncanny protection it offers against the effects of both poison and necrotic energy. It is said that the armor can only be made from skins acquired by a single, fatal blast of necrotic magic, suggesting that either immense power or terrible scheming must be involved in the creation of each set. Some wearers report that through their own sense of will being able to channel the armor’s residual energy to retaliate against attackers with decaying blasts, but these rumors have not been definitively confirmed. To the displeasure of some wearers, the armor radiates unease and tension, like a crowd waiting for expected and unavoidable bad news.

Its current owner, Feral Jackwagon, is oblivious to the armor’s sordid history. He just likes the way it fits, and how it inexplicably feels familiar to him.

Deathcut Hide Armor +2

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