Probably just a story told to scare children…


Wishmonger is the name allegedly claimed by a being (or beings) of great power who grant wishes to mortal beings, often at great price. Little is known of the source of their power, where they come from, why they grant wishes, or what it is they hope to accomplish through their efforts. It is believed that there are more than one of these, and are often assumed to be a race of some sort. Or all the stories about them could be wrong, as there is seemingly no concrete records or lore about the fabled Wishmongers.

People chuckle at the mention of these famed creatures as they are often thought of only as children’s faerie tales (or your politically correct racial equivalent.)

Legend has it that many generations in the past, a member of the Melk family made a deal with the Wishmongers. The man, his name lost to the past, made a deal to “have the men in his bloodline remembered”. Of course, as with all wishes granted by these creatures, the wish was granted, but at great price, and not as might be expected. The men of Melk family now die early, often taking many others with them in the process, and never live past one day over 40. Whatever good they did earlier in life, their madness and evil deeds near the end of their run are often remarked upon and reviled.

Klemnon Melk, renown healer and cleric of Pelor, is believed to be somewhere between the ages of 30 and 40 years old.

Klemnon was defined by an urgent obsession with finding the legendary Wishmongers, although that obsession seemed to suddenly end after Klemnon traveled briefly to a future Waterdeep where an alien apocalypse had decimated the world. During that foray into the future and while paralyzed in a catatonic dream state, Klemnon had a vision where he was visited by a decrepit elderly man who said that among other names he was called a Wishmonger. Klemnon dreampt that he and the Wishmonger struck a deal for the Wishmonger to take back the curse on him and his family in exchange for a whatever price the Wishmonger may wish. Although Klemnon has no idea what the terms of this agreement entail, his manic concern over his curse and the Wishmongers has subsided.


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