Vyrellis, Daughter of the Mossenpath

A beautiful Eladrin princess, shattered and imprisoned with Kalavakos, The Chained Wizard


Vyrellis appears to be spirit of an eladrin princess trapped in a dark obsidian orb. Precisely what Vyrellis is is unclear, she may be a live person trapped in a magic sphere, or an entombed spirit trapped after death, or perhaps simply a sentient magic item which echoes Vyrellis memories, powers, and goals. She does not seem to remember all of her past, but did recognize her cousin, Legara The Black, after he was rescued from the Prison of Calavakos.

As a magic item, the Orb of Vyrellis can grant (lend?) potent magics to the holder of the orb:

Property: You gain a +2 bonus to Arcana, History, and Religion checks and can make checks as if trained in those skills.

Power (Encounter): Move Action. You can teleport up to 7 squares.

Power (Daily): Standard Action. You are surrounded by a cyclone of biting cold wind. Creatures that begin their turn adjacent to you take 1d6 cold damage and are slowed until the start of their next turn.

Property: +1 to Will defense.

Power (Daily): Standard Action. Close Burst 3, 13 v will, 2d63 psychic damage, target is dazed (save ends).

Property: Gain resist 10 radiant.

Power (Daily): Standard Action. You become invisible until you miss with an attach or take damage.


Vyrellis was an eladrin princess from the Fey Wild plane, and has some magical powers of her own.

Vyrellis fell in love with the teifling wizard Calavakos, and resided with him at some point in Carsus’ Hope.

Calavakos was not always been a villain, but was possessed by some foul entity during his quest for power. This foul possession was responsible for Calavakos summoning an army of demons to attack the fey wild. The army laid waste to portions of the fey wild before Calavakos was stopped by a band of Eladrin nobility, and cast into a multi-dimensional prison forever. Vyrellis was deemed an accomplice, and also cast into the multi-dimensional prison.

When cast into the multi-dimensional prison, Vyrellis’ spirit was trapped in a small obsidian orb and her essence shattered into pieces, most (or all) of which have been reunited with her orb (granting her more power to share with the orb wielder).

The Orb of Vyrellis was brought out of the Prison of Calavakos by a band of adventurers after they defeated Calavakos and discovered that Calavakos had been possessed and controlled by a strange Green Flame Entity. Vyrellis’ cousin, Legara The Black, was also rescued from the terrible Prison of Calavakos.

The Orb of Vyrellis is currently carried by Feral Jackwagon, who has extended a tribal honor to the disembodied eladrin princess by placing her imprisoning orb in the empty eye socket of the huge horned stag head he wields as a melee weapon.

Vyrellis, Daughter of the Mossenpath

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