The Blackjaw Gang


A thuggish gang of killers seeking to monopolize Waterdeep’s criminal enterprises.


After the collapse of the waterfront Barnacle Gang, the racketeering power vacuum in Waterdeep spawned a partially hidden, simmering street battle by rival gangs seeking to carve out territories in ripe Waterdeep. The Blackjaw Gang has risen faster and more ruthlessly than any other, absorbing or destroying most rival organizations, and operating more aggressively and in the open than any other of the City’s prior criminal endeavors. Blackmail, protection rackets, smuggling, drugs and robbery, the gang has become a very real blight upon the grand city. In a matter of months, they have set themselves atop the city’s criminal hierarchy and amassed enough strength to operate openly with little fear of interference.

While the common blademen of the Blackjaw gang are little more than brutish thugs, the enforcers and lieutenants (distinguished by a tattoo of a black jaw on one or both cheeks) are dangerous outlaws, proficient in a variety of weapons and poisons. The gang is also said to employ a group of even more dangerous infiltrators and assassins, of which only unsubstantiated rumors exist.

Members of the Blackjaw gang have for some weeks been circulating flyers advertising a 2,000 gold bounty on a waterdeep halfling who (from the drawings on the flyers) is unmistakably Tin Woodsfellow.

Wild Theories

Currently, Tin suspects that the head of the Blackjaw gang may in fact be his long-lost companion Reginald Waxwicker who suffered terribly at the spellplagued hands of Rayniere McWands. But he really, really hopes that isn’t the case.

The Blackjaw Gang

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