The Disciples of Saernclaws


A secret, immoral hunting cult whose members hunt sentient races for cruel sport.


The Disciples of Saernclaws exist as an illicit hunting cult whose twisted and entitled members considered everything but the most dangerous, skilled predators to be mere animals to be relentlessly killed for sport.

The half-lycanthrope Feral has twice been victim of the group’s horrid game. After being captured and imprisoned by the illicit hunting club, Feral from a windowless cell heard the degenerate members of the hunting club systematically force his tribesmates to be prey in a lopsided, nightmarish safari. He was the last to be hunted, and would have certainly been just another trophy kill without the intervention of a still unknown primal power. Feral and the adventurers have now been sold by the Blackjaw Gang to the Disciples for the Disciples to hunt.

The Disciples are cultists of a Malar sect, giving praise to Malar (aka “The Beastlord”), the twisted demi-god of bestial savagery, hunts, evil lycanthropes, and bloodlust. Inspired by Saernclaws, one of the first lycanthropes of ancient history, the band pays slavers and mercenaries to kidnap so called “savages” for the club members to treat as prey. The affluent and anonymous club members expect pampered treatment at all times, and are unwilling to forgo luxury even during the hunt- during which time may ride in luxury cabins atop huge war beasts, guiding scores of running bush beaters and tracking animals around them. Some members of the club conceal their identity by masks or hoods. Finally, there is a subtle smell, a blend of perfume and sickly intoxicant, that almost unnoticeably lingers on the the club members as they revel in their horrid hunts.

Lead by Headmistress Ghusarra, an elven vampire, the Disciples condemned the adventurer’s to be hunted through Waterdeep in a rite referred to as the Highharvest Hunt. The adventurers were stalked though the city, doomed to either find a secret and hidden monument to Malar within the City or die (from a timed curse or from the hunter’s tools). After the heroes killed Ghusarra and successfully excised the Malar hunting curse, a visage of savage Malar appeared atop the hidden Malar monument. The Malar projection noted that Ghusarra had failed in her duty and died as a result, and declared that the hunt was over.

None of the other Disciple members have been seen by the adventurers, although they have learned that a human member named Nomas brought shame to himself when Feral somehow escaped from the prior hunt in which Feral had been condemned to die.

Though the immediate danger to the adventurers from the Disciples of Saernclaws appears to have ended, the cult has some unknown business dealings with the Blackjaw Gang, members of the cult seem to bear a grudge against those that escape a Malar hunt, and Feral is determined to wage at any opportunity an unforgiving Vendetta upon the cult…

The Disciples of Saernclaws

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