Doroun Lhaezor

An Elven mapping guild master


Ill waterdeep
An Elven mapping guild master who was able to show the group a map of the region around Waterdeep.

He suggested that Fishkill could be in on Alaron Island, part of the Moonshae Islands archipelago, and that they might be able to get more specific information from the Fish Mongers at the docks who have visited the Moonshae Islands.

He had a map of the Waterdeep and the Moonshae isles copied and sent over to the Amcathra estates.

Lhaezor also was able to help the adventurer’s narrow their search for Waterdeep’s hidden Malar monument, an act which allowed the adventurers to ultimately remove the death curse the cult had placed on them. Unfortunately, when the Malar cultists tracked the adventurers to Lhaezor’s maphouse, the hunters set the maphouse on fire in order to flush the adventurers out of the building. Lhaezor survived the inferno, but part of his home and mapstock were sadly torched.


Doroun Lhaezor

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