Calavakos, The Chained Wizard

A wizard of great power from the lost Nethril Empire


A tiefling wizard from the era of the Nethril Empire, he was imprisoned for his horrid crimes, and only exonerated at his death when it was discovered he had been possessed by some terrible unknown entity.


The great wizard, Calavakos became the Chained Wizard when he was placed in the Prison of Shadow, also called the Prison of Calavakos.

Calavakos was destroyed by a band of adventurers who entered his prison, but as he fell a huge and terrible Green Flame Entity flowed out of his body and evaporated. Calavakos had not been the villain he was believed to be, instead he had been possessed and controlled by the Green Flame Entity, which used him to summon an army of demons to wage war on the fey wild. As a last act, he gave the adventurer’s the keys to activating the escape portal the Green Flame Entity had been assembling to exit the prison.

Calavakos, The Chained Wizard

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