Irrelevant Human Pipsqueak


A luckless chump whose nemesis is a no-nonsense Githzeri Seeker.


This anonymous human pipsqueak thought his luck had turned when he dragged the unconscious Githzeri into a Waterdeep alley.

As he went to take the contents of the foreigner’s gear – a single gold coin – he was startled by a strange jolt of blue light that arced between the coin and both the Githzeri and himself. His mark began to awake from the shock, and the alarmed pipsqueak ran off with nothing to show for the opportunity.

When the pipsqueak later saw the Githzeri cross his path nearly right in front of his home, he figured it was now or never and went in to try and pickpocket the archer’s fancy necklace. As the pipsqueak neared his front door he was almost giddy at having gotten away with such a treasure, but simultaneously heard some cursing in the guttural Deep Speech language and then felt the devastating force of a magic water arrow deliver an all but fatal injury to the whelp.

After three days at the Pelor Hospital recuperating from the injuries he suffered from the enraged Githzeri, the pipsqueak was discharged and hobbled home – only to discover his modest home had been demolished in his absence. Although all of his doors and windows were intact and locked, the interior of his home was inexplicably strewn with smashed furniture, splashed blood, and riddled with holes from magic arrows. Now destitute, the downtrodden pipsqueak left for closest thing he had to an honest job.

Being the bartender for the rough shod crew of Captain Barnacle was never pleasant but helped pay the bills, so finding Barnacle and his gang of thugs dead, the victims of some unknown and obviously brutal assailants, was just about the last straw. Jobless, the pipsqueak had to ultimately turn to what otherwise would be his absolute last resort for work.

The irrelevant human pipsqueak hopes that his new job working for the Blackjaw Gang will finally put an end to the string of inexplicably bad luck he had been having…

Irrelevant Human Pipsqueak

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