Agents of Shar


A shadowy apocalypse cult, devotes to the evil goddess Shar – the evil god of corruption that seeks the death of the world and the resurgence of primal evil.


Agents of Shar, Mistress of the Night, were encountered when they ambushed the adventurers in the nighttime streets of Waterdeep. An Order of the Dark Moon monk named Benwick and four sinewy winged lizardmen attacked the group without explanation. Although the heroes defeated most of their assailants, one lizardman escaped into the dark sky. In Benwick’s pack the adventurer’s found a foul but exquisite gold and jeweled statute depicting the goddess Shar, which the group broke into its component parts and sold for 1,200 gold.

Although the assault could have been just a random matter, the adventurers are concerned that followers of Shar have apparently joined the list of groups out to exterminate the adventurers.

The band has no other information on Shar or her agents, but Klemnon Melk during his religious studies had studied some of the Shar cult hierarchy, and heard of the following:

Dark Justiciars
The Dark Justiciars is an honorary secret society within the priesthood of Shar. It is rumored that in order to gain admittance to the order of the Dark Justiciars, a priest of Shar has to have killed a priest of Sel√Ľne.

Order of the Dark Moon
Shar’s secretive monastic order is referred to as the Order of the Dark Moon. They tap into the Shadow Weave through their powers of sorcery, immobilizing and separating foes with draining necrotic tendrils while delivering brutal martial blows to those foolish enough to approach them.

The Nightbringers, or the Avatars of Shar, are an elite Sharran force. They are spirits that infest hosting bodies, possessing them and using the bodies as puppets. Once one is infected with a Nightbringer that person fuses to being as one with the Nightbringer gaining the strength and beauty of Shar. Only females are selected as hosts for the Nightbringers. Though Nightbringer numbers were large within the Avatar Wars, their numbers fell to the hundreds in the modern day.

Agents of Shar

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