The Unnamed Saga

Episode 25 - Destination Sigil via Astral Sea

In Which a Flying Leviathan Chases a Soaring Angelic Skyship through Hell

Ugh. You’d think with all the epic magic floating about, you wouldn’t need to climb up a rope ladder leading to a flying skyship… right?!? Tin bit his tongue before the snarkiness came out as Jules Amcathra flew down, his hand extended to them to grab hold. The ship suddenly lurched and shot up like a cork bobbing up through the sea of filth that was the Abyss. They dangled helplessly as they rose to dizzying heights above the smoke and grime and began rocketing to some safe destination.

The Spelljammer Oathsinger was scorched badly with part of the hull breached. The sails were torn and tattered and luffing in the acrid hellish atmosphere. The crew had obviously seen better days with dozens of bodies strewn about the deck lifeless or bleeding out amidst the necrotizing corpses of demons. Captain Narascond sneered scornfully at Amcathra. “THESE PEOPLE?!? This is what my crew sacrificed their lives for? They better be worth it, Amcathra.” She spit to her side in distain. One would hardly have guessed by her nasty demeanor, but she was actually a true-born Angel, with golden wings and plated armor. The uniforms that the deva/angelic spelljammer crew wore bore no insignia, which Klemnon found disconcerting at first, until he was able to piece together that this crew must have been Angels and Devas of a former-God. And if he guessed Amcathra’s affiliations right, likely they were rogue-arcane Ronin — creatures who once swore allegiance to the Goddess of Magic, before she had been murdered by Cyric.

Notes: Stalemate of demon vs demon in the battles below
Keel damaged, port-starboard trisail needs repair
FLying Leviathan/Tentacle Shark with Iron Chains and Saddled Wagon riders
3 manned ballistas with arcane shotput
elemental plane – motes
astral sea
trying to revoer the Shard at the Heart of the Abyss
Oberiths — Far Realm
Tears of Igvil — Dominate Demon
Shadow Assassins



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